07 June, 2017:Deputy Labour Commissioner, Dhanbad has ordered the BSNL Management to make the wages payment to contract workers within 15 Days.

BSNL management in Jharkhand Circle denied the payment of wages of 172 workers from Jan-July 2015 ignoring their engagement due to break of Contract Period. The contract labourers workers union Ranchi appeared before the labour commission to get a justice as per the labour laws. Based on the documentary evidences and pleading of the union leaders the Dy. CLC ordered to pay the due wages within 15 days. Management was also instructed to issue the employment cards and Pay slip to the contract workers. It was also complained to the Dy. CLC that the management is paying an amount of 4200/- AC/Engine operators in Electrical wings, which is a serious violation of labour laws and the payment is also due since last 19 months. This negotiations meeting held on 29th May, 2017 at Dy. CLC chamber. On behalf of BSNL management Sri Vishal Kumar AO and B.K. Mishra DE Ranchi were present and from the union side Com Bhawan Singh & Ranjit Yadav were present.


07 June, 2017:Demand of Rs. 18,000/- for Casual Labourers wage.

BSNL employees Union has taken up the demand of Casual Labourers for wage revision in the National Council Meeting which was held at 11th May, 2017 at Corp0rate Office New Delhi. In the draft reply the management has accepted or demand for wage revision of the casual labourers. They have also informed that a 4 men committee has been constituted to fix the formula of the wage revision i.e. CDA or IDA Pay scale. Hope it can be finalized in the next meeting after hearing the Union’s views. It is expected that the next meeting will be held in the 1st week of July, 2017.


06 June, 2017:Ballia has shown the rights of struggle.

After a sustained struggle by the Casual/Contractual Workers in UP (East), the Administration is compelled to issue the instruction to all GM/TDM/DGM to implement the Labour act immediately for the non regular workers.


The District Union of Balia has taken up a decision to start a Relay hunger Strike programme in the TDM office at Balia. On 20th May, 2017 the District Union has submitted 6 point charter of demand to the administration and organized a colorful rally from BSNL office to “Shahid Mangal Pandey” statue. Though the management had tied to settle the issue on table discussion but it was failed. Practically strong resentment prevailing amongst the staff for ignoring the Corporate Office New Delhi instruction related to Minimum wage and social securities. The programme continued day & night throughout the week. The BSNLEU leaders of UP (E) met TDM Bala and settle the issue with a specific instruction to implement the labour laws at all SDE level Com. R.K. Mishra, CS UP (East) along with Jitlal Maurya, CS BSNLCWU and others were present in the meeting held with TDM. BSNLCCWF conveys red salute to all the struggling workers of Balia & UP(East).<<views programme>> .   


22 May, 2017:Continuous 7 days struggle of the BSNL Contract Workers in UP (East) circle which makes a history.

BSNL Casual Contract Workers, Unions UP (East) circle had conducted the week long Dharna programme in the first week of May, 2017, it was started at Lucknow, UP (East) on the issue of the genuine demands of the Contract Labours in UP (East). The historic Dharna Programme had started on the historic day of 1st May with massive mobilisation of 500 Contract Labourers who came in the Dharna Programme from different parts of the state. At the out set, Management was very much adamant to shift the Dharna Programme from BSNL Office and on the intervention of Police Administration it was held at Laxman Mela Maidan. . Relay hunger strike was continuing in every day by the Contract Workers phase wise from every District. On 4th May the demonstrators organised a candle stick rally from Laxman Mela Maindan to Shubhash Chowk. Relay hunger strike was continuing in every day by the Contract Workers phase wise from every District. On 6th May the BSNL Employees Union leadership met CGMT UP (East) circle and expressed their active support of the regular staff to the struggle of Contract Worker in UP (East). On 8th May the SDM, Lucknow came in the Dharna Spot and appealed to postpone the programme. He also assured that civil administration will take serious action to negotiate with the BSNL Management. Then it was a compulsion to take some action from the BSNL Management and accordingly the CGMT UP (East) circle has issued an order to all GM and DGM to send the compliance report on labour laws with 7 days. Com. K.R. Yadav, Vice President, BSNLCCWF, com. R.K. Mishra, circle secretary, BSNLEU, com Jeetlal Mourya, Com. Haridwar Yadav, AGS, are the leaders who had conducted the struggle successfully. CHQ conveys red salute to all comrades who made the struggle as a historic one in the Casual Contract Workers movement.<<view photo >>   


22 May, 2017:Massive gathering of the Contract Workers in Punjab - 3rd Conference of BSNLCCWF held at Rajpura.

3rd Circle Conference of BSNL Casual Contract Workers Union, Punjab was held at Laxmi Palace, Rajpura on 21st May 2017. It was an impressive and well attendance conference of the Contract Workers in Punjab Circle. At the outset, Com. Animesh Mitra General Secretary BSNL Casual contract workers Federation hoisted the union flag. Com.Baljinder Singh, Circle Secretary BSNL Casual contract workers union welcomed the participants. Com. Balbir Singh President BSNLEU inaugurated the Conference. He explained the problems being faced by the workers in Punjab Circle particularly the minimum wages are not being paid, EPF and ESI fund is not deposited against each and every employee. He demanded for implementation of hon’ble supreme court judgement for "equal pay for equal work". Com. Raghunath Singh, General Secretary, CITU, Punjab while addressing the Conference extended full support to the workers struggle and told that CITU is going to conduct " Lalkar Rally " at Chandigarh for the demands of workers. He also explained the anti workers policies of "Modi Government" and called upon the workers to fight unitedly. Com. Swapan Chakraborty, Deputy General Secretary, BSNL Employees Union, explained in details the demands of the workers. He extended full support to Casual contract workers. Com. Animesh  Mitra, General Secretary, BSNL Casual contract workers Federation, while addressing the Conference told the Central headquarters of Federation is seriously taking up all the issues with the BSNL management and several orders were got issued. Orders regarding payment of wages through banks, deductions of EPF, ESI are already issued. He told the Management of BSNL has agreed that BSNL is the principal employer and bound to implement of the orders of Government of India and suitable instructions are being issued to all the fields units. He called upon the workers to start serious struggle for their justified demands. Com.R.L Moudgil former, Assistant General Secretary, BSNLEU, also greeted the conference. The conference concluded with the call to conduct a massive March to the Chief General Manager Punjab Circle Chandigarh in Month of June, 2017. The Conference elected Com. Iqbal Singh Dhillon, Amritsar and , Baljinder Singh  patiala and Ram Singh, Patiala as Circle President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively. More than 400 workers from across the Punjab attended the Conference.<<view photo >>   


12 May, 2017:We are hopeful that CLC will response on our Charter of Demands.

On 19.04.20 Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri and Animesh Mitra had submitted one letter to CLC Ministry of Labour, New Delhi on the subject of Casual Contract Labours genuine demands. During discussion it was expressed to the CLC  that BSNLCCWF have a strong resentment on the role of BSNL Management, particularly on the issue of Wage Revision of the Casual Contract Labour in BSNL It was assured by the CLC that Action will be taken to implement the office Order in BSNL. We are still hopeful that the CLC will take proper action so that BSNL Management can implement the govt. Order to revise the Wage of Casual Contract Labour in BSNL.


12 May, 2017: Contract workers in Srinagar and Udhampur, has started the struggle -Circle  secretary on hunger strike.<<view photo >>


12 May, 2017:Contract Workers has submitted the Strike notice in Begusarai, Bihar - Labour Commissioner has reacted on the Issue <<click here >>


05 May, 2017:BSNLCCWF circular dated 05.05.2017. <<view circular>>


04 May, 2017:Casual Contract Labourers have started the struggle in Circles and Divisions throughout the country.

After getting good response in ‘March to Parliament’ programme, now the casual /contractual labourers have started struggle throughout the country for their just demands. Following are the news of struggle received from various divisions.


Balia: - Contract labourers are not getting their wages since 7 months in Balia, UP(East). Dharna programme is going on at Balia GM office by the workers. BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF had already drawn the attention of the management. It is painful that the management had failed to make the payment. As a compulsion the workers have started the programme.


Udhampur: -  Recently, casual& contract labourers have formed union in Jammu and Kashmir. Union has taken up an agitational programme at Udhampur and hunger strike programme to make the salary payment of the workers. Notice has already been served to the management. All out effort has been taken to start the programme on 6th May, 2017. Circle Secretary will start hunger strike.


Calcutta Telephones District: - The Calcutta Telephones Thika Mazdoor union has organized agitational programme at Telephone Bhavan on 25th March, 2017 for implementation of Gazette notification. As reaction of Gazette notification the management was in mind set up to down size the strength of the contractual labourers. The union reacted spontaneously on the issue and as a result the management had to withdraw such decision. Later the leadership met CGM, CTD and discussed the issues. 


Chattishgarh: -  BSNL contract labourers have taken up a decision for agitational programme on 15.05.2017 at Jagdalpur, Chattisgarh. It is reported that the salary payment is yet to be materialized by the contractor.


Lucknow: -   It is about 500 workers have started the Dharna programme for indefinite period near CGMT office in Lucknow. BSNLCCWF, UP (East) Circle Union has taken up the Dharna programme before CGMT. Local police administration has not allowed the workers to enter the CGMT office. The workers have started the Dharna programme on historic day i.e., on 1st May. No retrenchment, ensure the monthly payment and implement the Gazette notification are the main demands on which the contract labourers have taken up the agitational programme. Leadership of BSNLEU has already drawn the attention of CGM for peaceful settlement.   


West Bengal: - BSNLCMU, West Bengal Circle has organized agitational programme on 12th  April, 2017 before CGMT, WB Circle in demand of implementation of Gazette notification and revision of wage. About 600 workers gathered in Circle Office from the morning for implementation of their demands. Later the leadership met CGMT discussed the issue so that the decisions could be implemented early.


28 April, 2017:Variable DA increased for Contract Labour from 01.04.2017 as per orders of Chief Labour Commissioner (Central) dated 20.04.2017.<<view order>>


28 April, 2017:Corporate Office issues letter on revision of wages of the contract workers on the basis of Gazette Notification dated 19.01.2017.<<view letter>>


27 April, 2017:Issue of Gazette notification and skill up gradation for the Non regular Workers---- BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF leaders discussed at Corporate Office New Delhi.

In a meeting with GM (Restg) Sri Ashutosh. Gupta on 18th April, 2017 the BSNLEU and CCWF leaders raised the issue of implementation of gazette  notification and skill up gradation in r /o non regular workers.


Regarding implementation and endorsement of gazette notification Sri Gupta told the leaders that corporate office has already clarified the issue of gazette notification in response to query of TN circle. The other circles can easily follow the clarification given to TN circle. Sri Gupta added that no such further clarification is needed as the CLC Govt. of India has endorsed the gazette notification. He also told that corporate office will very soon circulate the necessary instruction to all the CGMs in this regard.


Accordingly it is a very encouraging that the corporate office yesterday issued a letter in this regard. It is nothing but the success of sustained struggle of the workers under the leadership of BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF.


In another discussion regarding the demand of skill up gradation of the contractual workers, Sri Gupta told the leaders that in Kerala they have worked out some mechanism on that basis TN circle has been asked to take necessary action. In this regard he said that at the time of finalization of Tender the category of workers (skilled/semiskilled/unskilled etc) is to be taken in to account clearly.


Circle Secretaries are, therefore, requested to look in to the matter seriously so that the categorization / up gradation of the workers could be done smoothly during finalization of tender.     


In Telecom sector like BSNL skilled workers are needed for some specified jobs. Circle Secretaries are also requested that those workers who are associated with such specialized jobs their skill should properly be evaluated during finalization of the tender process.    


Com P. Abhimanyu, GS, Swapan Chakraborty, Dy. GS of BSNLEU and Com Animesh Mitra, Secy. General BSNLCCWF were present during the discussion with GM (Restg.)Sri A. Gupta at Corporate Office.  


27 April, 2017:Leaders of BSNLEU & BSNLCCWF met Dir(HR) for regularisation of Left out Casual Workers:

In a meeting with Director (HR) on 18th April, 2017 where GS and Deputy GS  of BSNLEU Com. P. Abhimanyu and Com. Swapan Chakraborty along with Secretary General of CCWF, Com. Animesh Mitra, was present, the leaders  demanded to regularize the left out casual workers attached to BSNL. After hearing the demands of the leaders, Director (HR) informed that GM (Esstt) is unable to supply the documents or facts and figures since the same are not available with GM (Estt). The leaders expressed their sharp reaction to the comments of the Director (HR). The Secretary General, CCWF, Com Animesh Mitra also told that during discussion of framing a new scheme for the regularization of left out casual workers those documents along with facts & figures were submitted both to the Dir. (HR) & GM (Estt.). Com. Mitra also said that in various PSUs and CG establishments the casual workers have already been regularized. Therefore in BSNL there should not be any hurdles to regularize the left out casual workers. The Director (HR) gave a patient hearing and assured the leaders that the issue will be looked into with all seriousness.


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BSNLCCWF is taking up the issues of the casual and contract workers with the government, Chief Labour Commissioner, Communications Minister, DOT as also CMD BSNL and other officers of BSNL. These correspondences will be posted here.


19 April, 2017:CHQ writes to Chief Labour Commissioner, (Central) on wages of the Casual and Contract Labourers in BSNL.<<view letter>>


19 April, 2017:CHQ writes to BSNL Corporate Office on non-payment of wages to the Casual and Contract Labourers in BSNL.<<view letter>>


19 April, 2017:CHQ writes to Chief Labour Commissioner, (Central) on gratuity for the Casual / Contract Workers in BSNL.<<view letter>>


18 March, 2017:CHQ writes to CMD BSNL on implementation of Minimum Wage for contract worker in BSNL as per the Gazette notification.<<view letter>>


18 March, 2017:CHQ writes to Director (HR) on Implementation of Minimum Wage for contract workers in BSNL as per the Gazette Notification.<<view letter>>


18 March, 2017:CHQ writes to CMD BSNL on Gratuity Payment for the Contract Labours is being denied- Intervention solicited.<<view letter>>


18 March, 2017:CHQ writes to GM (Restg.) on Contract Workers in Jharkhand Circle are on Trade Union action.<<view letter>>



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