27 August, 2015:Notice for General Strike on 2nd September, 2015.<<click here>>


24 August, 2015:Meeting of CEC of BSNLCCWF at New Delhi on 4th September 2015

An Emergent Meeting of the BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation (BSNLCCWF) will be held at New Delhi on 4th September 2015. Notice has been issued which is posted in the BSNLCCWF website. SMS has also been sent to the CEC Members. They have been requested to intimate their time of arrival so that arrangements can be made. The ensuing All India conference on 3-4 October 2015 and other urgent matters necessitated the emergent meeting.


20 August, 2015:Kerala Agitation settled – Strike, Non-Cooperation withdrawn- Congratulations!

Information has been received from Kerala that on the basis of the discussions between Shri N.K.Gupta, Director(CFA), BSNL and BSNLEU, SNEA, BSNLCCWF and the decisions arrived at, the Strike by the BSNLCCWF and Non-Cooperation by BSNLEU, SNEA has been withdrawn. The details will be intimated later.


Hearty Congratulations and Revolutionary Greetings to the militant workers of Kerala Circle BSNL for their sustained struggle and mighty achievement! We express our appreciation to the Management for the discussion and settlement. We hope that whatever the service has suffered during the 45 days of agitation will be made good and that the Kerala Circle will continue to lead both in better service and more profit.


20 August, 2015:Notification for emergent meeting of the Central Executive Committee of BSNLCCWF, will be held at New Delhi on 04th September, 2015.<<view notification>>


19 August, 2015:Gratuity for Casual labour approved by BSNL Managing Committee.

After much efforts by the BSNLCCWF for implementation of gratuity to the BSNL Casual labours and also taking up the matter in the Parliamentary Standing Committee and several rounds of discussion with the BSNL Management, the BSNL Managing Committee has approved the same. This has to go to the BSNL Board for approval, before necessary orders are issued.


This is a great achievement for the casual labours. Congratulations to BSNLCCWF!.<<view letter>>


18 August, 2015:Kerala Agitation – Meeting with CMD BSNL

Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, Patron, BSNLEU and President, BSLCCWF had an exhaustive discussion today, 18th August 2015,  with Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL on the issues connected with the strike of CCLU Kerala and the non-cooperation programme by BSNLEU and SNEA. The entire issue was brought to the notice of the CMD BSNL. He appreciated our position and stated that Shri N.K.Gupta, Director (CFA) has been deputed to Thiruvananthapuram for discussing the matter with all concerned for taking necessary decision. The discussion will take place on 20th August 2015.


Com.Namboodiri, met Smt. Sujata Ray, Director (HR) as also Shri N.K.Gupta, Director(CFA) and had further discussions for settlement of the issues concerned without further delay. Both the Directors agreed that an early solution is necessary. They also assured that the meeting on 20th August at Thiruvnanthapuram is fixed and the issues will be sorted out.


14 August, 2015:Kerala Struggle continues – CMD contacted.

The struggle by the Kerala BSNL comrades are continuing under the leadership of CCLU, BSNLEU and SNEA. The non-cooperation started on 12th August is continuing with full participation of the workers and employees.  The non-implementation of the agreement with regard to the interim relief of Rs.100/- per day for the contract workers by the management has created the new situation and renewed struggle.


Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, Patron BSNLEU and President, BSNLCCWF spoke to Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL from UK and impressed upon him the urgency to approve the agreement on the interim additional wages and create an amicable situation. He informed that even now the wages of contract labour are far below the ordinary wages of workers in Kerala which are about Rs. 650/- per day. Though the demand was for an additional Rs. 200/, the interim relief agreed was Rs. 100/ only. CMD stated that he has already directed Shri N.K.Gupta, Director to go to Thiruvananthapuram next week and discuss with all concerned and settle the issues. He also assured that the issue will be settled early.


13 August, 2015:Implement the Kerala BSNLCCWF Strike Agreement

One of the major decisions of the strike agreement between the BSNL Circle Management and BSNLCCWF, BSNLEU and SNEA that the wages of the contract workers will be increased by Rs. one hundred per day is yet to be implemented, resulting in the continuation of the struggle. The agreement has been reached after detailed discussion as a result of the sustained struggles of the workers. Even by increasing the wages by Rs. 100, the wages of the contract workers will be far below that of the ordinary daily workers in Kerala. We demand the management to implement the agreement without any delay.


12 August, 2015:Kerala Circle BSNLCCWF, BSNLEU, SNEA restarts agitation against violation of agreement.

Against the non-implementation and violation of the Strike agreement made between the Circle management and BSNLCCWF, BSNLEU and SNEA, all the three unions have started Non-Cooperation from 12th August 2014.


The violation of the agreement seems to be a deliberate attempt to provoke the workers and make them go on further agitation, so that the charges against the management for its inefficiency can be shelved and also the private telecom companies can benefit.



28 July, 2015:III AIC of BSNLCCWF – Reception Committee formed.

Tamil Nadu Circle had taken the responsibility of holding the III All India Conference of the BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation. The same will be held on 3-4 October 2015. In a meeting held at Nagerkoil on 26-07-2015, the reception Committee has been formed. The report received from the Reception Committee is published below:



Dear Comrade,

To conduct the third All India conference of BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation, a Reception Committee was formed on 26-07-2015  at Nagercoil by the Circle Union of Tamil Nadu Telecom Contract Workers Federation.


The following have been elected for the Reception Committee

Chairman                    :  Com A.V.Bellarmin Ex MP

Working President      : Com M.Murugaiah

Vice President            : Com Chellappa

                                    : Com M.Kumar

                                    : Com R.Suyambulingam    

General Secretary       : Com C.Vinothkumar

Joint General Secretary  : Com A. Babu Radhakrishnan

Dy General Secretary      : Com C. Palanichamy

Asst General Secretary   : Com A.Selvam

Treasurer                          : Com K. Viswanathan

Asst treasurer                  : Com A.Jeyapaul


Committee Members    : 1. District Secretaries and Circle office bearers of BSNLEU and TNTCWU Tamilnadu Circle are all Committee. 

                                                : Office bearers of All Trade unions in Kanyakumari Dt., Com A.Babu Radhakrishnan CS, P.Indira ACS, Com M. Christopher, Com Swamigurunathan and Com K.George DS NGC, Com N. Soosai Maria Antony DS TVL Com. M. JeyamuruganDS TT, Com Thangamohan DS CITU, Com. M.Kumar AGS BSNL CCWF have participated and addressed the formation meeting. More than hundred  contract  and regular employees have attended the meeting. Com K.Viswanathan Circle Treasurer, C.Palanichamy ACS, Radhakrishnan,  Veluchamy Circle office bearers of  TNCtWU, Com N. Sonaimuthu, DS MDU, Ravichandran, DS CBE, Selvam DS NGC , S. Ramachandran Convenor Joint Council of Trade Unions have also addressed the meeting. Various committees have been formed for conducting the Conference in a grand meeting.



General Secretary   


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We are yet to start our journal. We propose to start a triennial first to inform the workers about the organisation, its activities as also to publish various orders on the issues of the Casual and Contract and unorganised workers.





BSNLCCWF is taking up the issues of the casual and contract workers with the government, Chief Labour Commissioner, Communications Minister, DOT as also CMD BSNL and other officers of BSNL. These correspondences will be posted here.


11 July, 2015:Notification for the All India Conference of BSNL CCWF, to be held at Tamil Nadu from 03rd to 4th October, 2015.<<view notification>>


11 July, 2015:Circular of BSNL CCWF, dated 11.07.2015.<<view circular>>


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