25 March, 2017:Three day long agitation by Casual/Contract Workers in Jharkhand. 

An agitation was started by contract workers in Jharkhand under leadership of Com. Bhawan Singh, Circle President and Com. Sudama Pal, Circle Secretary at CGMT Office, Jharkhand from 20.03.2017. About 100 retrenched workers were on dharna from 20.03.2017, it continued on 21.03.2017 also. On 22.03.2017, about 350-400 workers demonstrated before CGMT Office Jharkhand. A good number of police personnel were deployed there to threaten the workers. But workers continued their agitation fearlessly. Com. Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, BSNLCCWF, reached from Delhi on 22.03.2017. A long discussion was held with management on the issues of retrenchment, enhanced minimum wage, payment through Bank, payment of due wages for the period January2015 to July 2015, less wage payment, irregular payment, EPF and ESI facilities. Management accepted all the legitimate demands and assured implementation by field units very soon.


Shri Dhananjay Kumar, GM(A), headed the Management Side whereas Com. Animesh Mitra, Com. Bhawan Singh, Com. Sudama Pal Com. Bhola Mandal, Com.  Mustaque Ahmad, Com. Ranjit Yadav represented workers. The GM assured to issue necessary instruction to field units soon. The agitation ended on 22.03.2017 with hope of faster implementation of discussed/accepted issues.<<views of the dharna>>


23 March, 2017:Circle Conference of BSNLCCWF, UP (East) circle.

An impressing circle conference of BSNLCCWF, UP (East) circle held on 21st March at Allahabad. It was the 3rd conference of Telecom casual and contract workers union for which about 200 delegates came from 18 district of the state. The conference was inaugurated by com.Premnath Rai, CITU, State Secretary. 18 delegates deliberated their views on the report submitted by com. Jitlal Mourya, Circle Secretary. Senior leader and vice president of BSNLCCWF com. K.R.Yadav guided the conference with a beautiful speech. Com. Haridwar Yadav, AGS suggested the future course of Trade union action. Five resolutions were accepted in the house including the programme march to CGMT Office in May, 2017. At the concluding part of the session com.Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, BSNLCCWF explained the total situation including the success of 2nd September strike and March to parliament by the BSNL workers. He calls upon the workers to take serious action for revision of contract labour wages as notified by CLC. The house greeted com.Ramashankar, DS, BSNLEU, who have played a vital role to make the conference a grand success. Com R.K.Mishra, CS, BSNLEU, presided over the meeting and gave an inspiring speech to the house.<<views of the conference>>


21 March, 2017:CLC has issued the order for implementation of the revision of wages for the contract workers. BSNLCCWF is very much serious on the issue.

Based on the gazette notification, the Chief labour Commission has issued order for revision of wages for the contract labours. According to this order the revised wages will be paid from 19th January and the revised VDA will be from 1st April, 2017. We have told CMD BSNL, on 18th March to implement it at the earliest. Circle Secretaries and CHQ office bearers are requested to take up the issues at CGM level.


Please recall that the BSNLCCWF leaders had met CLC on 17th January and demanded the revision of wages for the contract workers, now the order is issued. Please mobilise your members to make a good campaign on the issues.<<view order>>


21 March, 2017:Mammoth joint meeting of BSNLCCWF Punjab circle held on 19.03.2017.

BSNL Casual Contractors Workers Union Punjab Circle conducted a mammoth joint meeting of Ferozpur, Bathinda and Sangrur Districts at Dhuri on 19-03-2017. More than two hundred fifty comrades attended the meeting. Com. Balbir Singh, President, BSNLEU, addressed the meeting and explained the demand charter of contract workers. He congratulated the workers for a highly successful March to Parliament. Com. Manohar Lal, District Secretary, BSNLEU, Bathinda, Com. Baljinder Singh, Circle Secretary, BSNL contractor worker union, Com. Gurmail Singh, Bathinda, Com. Jharman Singh, Sangrur and Com. Budh Singh, Circle Treasurer, BSNLEU, also addressed the meeting. The meeting unanimously resolved to close all the pocket unions and join the BSNL casual contract workers Federation. <<views of the meeting>>


21 March, 2017:District Conference of BSNLCCWF Ghaziabad held on 18.03.2017.

District Conference of BSNLCCWF, Ghaziabad, UP(West) was held on 18.03.2017 at Conference Room, Telephone Exchange, Hapur District. Com.Upendra Singh Teotia, Circle secretary, BSNLEU, Com. Naresh Pal, Circle Secretary, BSNLCCLU, Com. Jai Veer Tyagi, Circle Patron, CCLU, Com. Rahul Tomer, Circle Treasurer and Com. Attan Miyan, Assistant Circle Secretary were present in the confrence.15 office bearers were elected unanimously with com. Jaiveer Singh Tyagi, TT, President, Com.Bhajan Lal, TT, District Secretary and Com. Chatar Pal, JE, Treasurer.<<views of the meeting>>


18 March, 2017:Gratuity for the Contract Labours- BSNLCCWF leadership met CMD BSNL on the issue.

Gratuity Payment to the Contract labours is being denied in BSNL on which yesterday the leadership of BSNLCCWF met CMD, BSNL and reacted on the issue. It is well known to everybody that in the gratuity act of our country there is no difference between Regular Staff and Contract Labours to make payment Gratuity to the contract labours who have expired or retired from service. The matter was discussed with CMD, BSNL today when com. P. Abhimanyu GS, BSNLEU, and com. Animesh Mitra, Secretary General BSNLCCWF met CMD, BSNL in a deputation. It was told to CMD, BSNL that in absence of Corporate Office instruction the Contractors in BSNL are denying to make gratuity payment to Contract Labours CMD assured to look into the matter.


18 March, 2017:BSNLCCWF leadership today met CMD, BSNL and discussed on the Memorandum submitted on 22nd February.

BSNL Casual Contract labours had submitted a memorandum related to Casual Contract Labour issue to CMD, BSNL on 22nd February, 2017, when the Parliament March was organized in Delhi. Today Com. P. Abhimanyu GS, BSNL and Com. Animesh Mitra SG, Met Shri Anupam Srivastava CMD BSNL and discussed about the various issues as it was described in the memorandum submitted to CMD BSNL on 22nd February, 2017. The CMD BSNL became very surprised when it was complained by the leaders that in most of the circles the labours are not getting the wages through cheque. As a result, they are getting the meager amount. Retrenchment of the Contract Workers, revision of the wages of the casual and contract workers, gratuity of the contract and casual labours, endorsement of gazette notification etc. are the other issues on which discussion held with the management it was also suggested by the leadership in the meeting that a cell can be phone at the Corporate Office to monitor the implementation of the Corporate Office order with regards to Casual and Contract Labours. CMD BSNL assured to take necessary action as per rule.


17 March, 2017:BSNL Corporate Office has not yet endorses the Gazette Notification for revision of wages of the contract labours till date – BSNLCCWF expressed their unhappiness to CMD BSNL.

Today the leaders of BSNLCCWF has expressed their unhappiness to CMD BSNL on the issue of Management role for non-endorsement of Gazette Notification for revision of wages of the contract labours. A strong letter on the subject was handed over to CMD BSNL. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU & Vice President, BSNLCCWF and Com. Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, BSNLCCWF, today met CMD BSNL and expressed the resentment of the workers. CMD BSNL assured that necessary efforts will be taken to give instruction to the circles.


15 March, 2017:BSNL Casual Contract Labours Conference in Bihar Circle - good response and massive gathering.

It is very much enthusiastic news for the trade union movement that the BSNL CCWF Bihar Circle Conference held at Patna on 14th February, 2017 with a massive gathering of 400 Casual Contract Workers. It was inaugurated by com. Sankar Shah, Secretary, CITU, Bihar. He has appreciated the role of BSNL employees union for taking serious action to organize the Contract Workers in BSNL. He has highlighted the demand of 18000/- and the historic 2nd September General Strike. Com. Animesh Mitra Secretary General BSNL CCWF explained the present situation including the role of Management who are interested to fill up the 1 lakhs vacancies in BSNL through apprentice outsourcing, Agency and Contractual staff. He also mentioned that on liberalisation issue there is no difference between UPA and NDA govt. Com. Arun Kumar Mishra Secretary Bihar, CITU, Com. Sunita Choudhary, Org. Secretary BSNLEU, Laxman Kumar CS, BSNLCCWF, Bihar N.K. Srivastav, CS, AIBDPA, were the other speaker in the conference. The District Secretaries like com. Manoj Kumar (Muzaffarpur) K.K. Singh (Begusarai), A.K. Triparthy (Motihari) Ram Binod Singh (Sawastipur) Priyesh Kumar (Sasaram) Ajoy Dathak (Bhojpur) are the delegates who have explained the Local Situation including the attack of the Management for retrenching of the contract workers. Veteran leader com. B.P. Singh Circle Secretary, BSNLEU presided over the conference and motivated the delegates with a good speech. <<view of the conference>>


15 March, 2017:BSNL Casual Contract Labours struggle in Jharkhand Circle - Notice for Dharna and Hunger Strike issued.

Casual Contract Labours in Jharkhand Circle has taken a decision to go on struggle from 20th March, 2017, we have been informed that the contract workers of Ranchi will start the Dharna programme before CGMT Jharkhand on 20th March, 2017, and it can be turned to indefinite period Hunger Strike. On 22nd there will be rally (March to CGMT Office) to highlight the 10 Points Charter of Demands. Circle Union has submitted the Notice for the programme to CGMT Jharkhand on 7th March, 2017. It was also warned that Negotiation if failed then the workers will be completed to start trade union action for the indefinite period. Com. Animesh Mitra Secretary General BSNLCCWF will attend the rally.  



15 March, 2017:BSNL Employees Union will raise the demands of Casual Contract Workers in the National Council meeting.

BSNL Employees Union has taken up the Casual Contract Workers issue in the National Council meeting to be held on 17th March, 2017. After the 7th Membership Verification, the department has constituted the National Council in which Ms. Sujata T. Ray, Director (HR), is the Chairman. Staff Side has submitted the agenda to be discussed in the meeting. It is appreciable that the BSNL Employees Union has taken up the issues in the National Council meeting, like gratuity, implement of gazette notification to revise the contract labour rate, revision of casual labour rate based on 7th CPC recommendation etc. We are very much hopeful that the National Council will give some light to settle the long pending demands of casual contract labours. We convey our thanks and red salute to BSNLEU.


07 March, 2017:Corporate Office letter on details of Court Cases for counting of Casual Worker Service for Pensionary benefits.<<click here>>


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BSNLCCWF is taking up the issues of the casual and contract workers with the government, Chief Labour Commissioner, Communications Minister, DOT as also CMD BSNL and other officers of BSNL. These correspondences will be posted here.


18 March, 2017:CHQ writes to CMD BSNL on implementation of Minimum Wage for contract worker in BSNL as per the Gazette notification.<<view letter>>


18 March, 2017:CHQ writes to Director (HR) on Implementation of Minimum Wage for contract workers in BSNL as per the Gazette Notification.<<view letter>>


18 March, 2017:CHQ writes to CMD BSNL on Gratuity Payment for the Contract Labours is being denied- Intervention solicited.<<view letter>>


18 March, 2017:CHQ writes to GM (Restg.) on Contract Workers in Jharkhand Circle are on Trade Union action.<<view letter>>



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