28 June, 2016:BSNLCCWF meets GM(QA), New Delhi.

Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF and Com. K.G.Jayaraj, General Secretary, AIBDPA met Shri Arvind Bajaj, GM(QA) and discussed about the issues of contract workers in QA(Kolkata). They requested the GM not to proceed with the proposal to retrench the 5 contract workers. They pointed out that the workers hare having about 10-15 years of service and should be retained. The GM was non-committal, but agreed to look in to the matter.


28 June, 2016:Gratuity to Casual Labour.

Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF met Smt. Madhu Arora, GM(Estt.), Corporate Office BSNL and demanded early settlement of the gratuity to Casual labour. The GM(Estt) stated that the Board of Directors wanted the financial implications and for providing this, the CGMs have been addressed. The delay is due to non-receipt of the information from the circles.


The BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF circle secretaries are requested to meet the CGMs and pressurise them for early submission of the particulars to Corporate office so that the case is settled early.


23 June, 2016:Meeting with Director (HR) and GM (Estt.)

Coms. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President and Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, BSNLCCWF met Smt. Sujata Ray Director (HR), BSNL today and discussed the issues of the regularization of the casual labour as also grant of gratuity. They demanded that the gratuity be allowed at the earliest. Director (HR) stated that early action will be taken in the matter. With regard to the demand of regularization of casual labour/TSM, the federation representations put all the issues before the Director (HR) for consideration. The Federation leaders also met Smt. Madhu Arora, GM (Estt.) and discussed the same issues.


23 June, 2016:Letter issued on EPF issue addressed to all the CGMs.

After tremendous pressure by BSNLCCWF and BSNLEU, BSNL Corporate Office has issued a letter addressed to all the CGMs to instruct depositing the EPF contribution with EPF organization in respect of contract workers. BSNLCCWF lodged the complaint regarding the EPF for contractual workers in several forum like BSNL authority, Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour, Chief EPF Commissioner and Chief Labour Commissioner. BSNL has issued the social security order for contractual workers and also reminded all the CGMs but it is observed that it is no implemented properly. Again EPF department has instructed M/s BSNL to the deposit the EPF contribution with EPF organization.


All Circle Secretaries of BSNLCCWF are requested to take initiative to implement the order issued by CO, ND. It is the fundamental right of workers to get the social security like EPF, ESI, gratuity etc.



20 June, 2016:



This is to notify that the Central Executive Committee meeting of BSNL Casual and Contract Workers’ Federation will be held on 06th and 7th August, 2016 at Garhwal Bhanwan in New Delhi. All Central Executive Committee members (including Circle Secretaries) are requested to attend the meeting in time. The following agenda will be discussed and decided in the meeting.




  1. Review of the last All India Conference of BSNLCCWF.
  2. Presentation of the Secretary General report.
  3. Accounts as on 31st Dec. 2015 and latest position of the subscription collection from circle unions.
  4. Review of the programme and decisions taken in the last Secretariat meeting.
  5. Organisational position and future course of action.
  6. Discussion of the Charter of the Demands of the Casual and Contract Workers.
  7. 2nd September, 2016 strike and our preparation.
  8. Any other items with the permission of the chair.






Animesh Mitra

Secretary General


08 June, 2016: After continued demand of the BSNLCCWF and BSNLEU, the BSNL Management agreed for implementing Gratuity to the casual labour and the Management Committee also approved. But when the issue was placed before the BSNL Board for decision, it has returned the same to the management asking for full details of number of employees, financial implications etc. Corporate office has asked the circle heads to immediately furnish the details for again submitting to the BSNL Board.Circle secretaries of BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF are requested to ensure that the details are got furnished to the corporate office by the circles at the earliest so that decision is taken for grant of gratuity to casual labour.


07 June, 2016:Kerala Contract workers wages increased.

Agreement reached between Kerala Circle management and BSNLEU & BSNLCCWF on the increase of minimum wages of casual and contract workers. Orders issued accordingly. The agitation has been on for months during which circle office bearers of BSNLEU & SNEA were transferred and victimized. Our hearty congratulations to the Kerala Unions and workers!


06 June, 2016: BSNLCCWF CEC Meeting at New Delhi on 6-7 August 2016.

The next Central Executive Committee of the BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation was scheduled to be held in Mysuru, Karnataka Circle. Now Karnataka Circle has intimated their difficulties to hold the CEC for some time. Hence it is decided that the CEC will now be held at New Delhi on 6-7 August 2016. The notice for the CEC will be issued shortly. CEC members are requested to book their tickets immediately to ensure reservation.


28 May, 2016:BSNLCCWF CEC to be held at Mysore.

The Central Executive Committee meeting of the BSNLCCWF is to be held at Mysuru, Karnataka, preferably by the last week of July 2016. The date will be finalised in consultation with the Karnataka circle leadership.

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BSNLCCWF is taking up the issues of the casual and contract workers with the government, Chief Labour Commissioner, Communications Minister, DOT as also CMD BSNL and other officers of BSNL. These correspondences will be posted here.


22 January, 2016:CHQ writes to GM (Restg.) on issues of contract workers in Kerala, UP (East), Assam and Jharkhand circles.<<view letter>>


20 January, 2016:BSNLCCWF on the path of action - Submission of Memorandum to all CGMs on 29.01.2016. <<view poster>>


18 January, 2016:BSNLCCWF Circular No.03 dated 18.01.2016.<<click here>>


14 January, 2016:Corporate Office letter on information in respect of Casual labourers who had been conferred temporary status on or before 30.09.2000 and who have been appointed subsequently as TM in BSNL.<<click here>>




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