13 October, 2015:Meeting at CGM Office Mumbai.

A well attended meeting was held on 12.10.2015, at CGM office Mumbai organised by BSNL Employees Union. A large number of contract casual workers were also present. Com. Ganesh Hinge presided. Coms. V.A.N.Namboodiri, Patron BSNLEU and President BSNLCCWF, Animesh Mitra, Secretary General. BSNLCCWF and Vice-President BSNLEU, John Verghese, All India Asst. General Secretary BSNLEU, N.K.Nalwade, Circle Secretary BSNLEU, Balachandra Mane, Asst. Circle Secretary BSNLEU and other leaders addressed focussing the issues of workers. All the leaders were honoured at the meeting by presenting flower bouquets. The questions raised by the members were replied to by the leaders.


12 October, 2015:BSNLCCWF- Meeting of Parliament Standing Committee on Labour

Today, 12th October 2015, a meeting of the Parliament Committee on Labour was held at Oberoi Hotel, Mumbai. BSNLCCWF leaders Com.VAN Namboodiri, President, Com.Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, BSNLCCWF, Com.John Verghese, AGS, Com.N.K.Nalwade, Circle Secretary BSNLEU participated and presented the issues of casual contract workers effectively. The Chairman and Members of Parliament present appreciated the points raised by the unions. The Chief Labour Commissioner (Central), Central EPF Commissioner, Chief ESI Commissioner and other Labour officers were present.

After the evidence of union, the evidence from CMD BSNL and other BSNL officers were taken. The details of discussion will be intimated.


08 October, 2015:Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour meets on 12th October on BSNL Casual Contract Labour issues

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour will meet at Mumbai on 12th October 2015 to take evidence on the Casual contract labour in BSNL. Five-Six meetings have already been held and BSNLCCWF had given evidence every time. Com.VAN Namboodiri, President, Com. Animesh Mitra Secretary General and other BSNLCCWF leaders are expected to attend the sitting of the meeting.



08 October, 2015:The New Office Bearers of BSNLCCWF

The full list of Office-Bearers elected at the All India Conference of BSNLCCWF are given below:


President                   : Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri

Wkg. President           : Com. Tapas Ghosh

Vice-Presidents          : Com. P.Abhimanyu

: Com. K.R.Yadav

: Com. Cheluvaraj (Karnataka)

: Com. Murugaiah (T.Nadu)

: Com. Akhilesh Banerjee (W.Bengal)

Secretary General   : Com. Animesh Mitra

Asst. Secretary Generals: Com. N.Suresh (Kerala)

: Com. M.Wabengrenla (NE.II)

: Com. C.Palanichami (T.Nadu)

: Com. Bishwanath Behura (Odisha)

: Com. Haridwar Yadav (UP East)

Treasurer                   : Com. Tapos Banerjee

Organising Secretaries   : Com. Sonia Arora (UP West)

: Com. N.R.Somasekharan Nair (Kerala)

: Com. Prasanjit Saha (NE.I)

: Com. Bikas Baruah (Assam)

: Com. Arup Sarkar (Kolkata)

: Com.Shabrish Kumar (Karnataka)

: Com. T.Kasi (Chennai)


Auditor                         : Com. Saibal Sengupta.


08 October, 2015:AIC BSNLCCWF – Resolution on Policy and Programme

The Resolution on Policy and Programmme adopted by the All India Conference of AIBSNLCCWF held at Nagercoil on 3-4 October 2015 is given below:


Resolution on Policy and Programme

This All 3rd All India Conference of BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation, held at Nagercoil on 3-4 October 2015, after serious deliberations on the issues of casual and contract workers and reviewing the sustained struggles that have been organised, heartily congratulate the workers for their effective participation in the action programmes.


However, the government as well as the BSNL Management, has not taken any effective step to settles the issues. Instead, the management has started victimisation of workers, including retrenchment. In such a situation, the AIC, after detailed discussion has decided to organise agitational programmes on the following long pending demands:




1)      Regularisation of Casual and Contract Labour.

2)      Casual labour wage to be the lowest wage in BSNL, instead of in DOT

3)      Equal Pay for equal work.

4)      Minimum Wage of Rs. 15,000/-

5)      Implementation of Social security Measures like EPF, ESI, Gratuity etc.

6)      Grant of Bonus

7)      HRA/Quarter facility to casual contract workers.

8)      Leave, Paid Weekly Off and Paid Holidays.

9)      EPF Account to be opened by BSNL, instead of contractor.

10)  Issue of Identity Card by BSNL

11)  Immediate steps required, including procurement of equipment for the revival and improvement of BSNL services.

12)  Vacate Victimisation – Reinstate all retrenched workers.

13)  Compassionate engagements.

14)  Funeral expenses to the family of deceased worker.

15)  Convert Part-Time workers to full time worker.


Programmes of Action


1)      Immediate formation of BSNLCCWF in all Circles/SSAs, wherever it has not been formed. Make all out efforts for strengthening the organisation. Massive campaign to be organised in all circles/SSAs.    –   October, November 2015.

2)      Demonstrations in all SSAs in November 2015. (date will be fixed and intimated)

3)      Demonstration at Circle offices – December 2015 (date will be fixed and intimated).

4)      Relay Hunger Strike – February 2016 (dated will be fixed and intimated).


The next CEC which will be held in February – March 2016 will finalise the next programme of action, including strike.


In order to implement the programmes effectively, BSNLCCWF should be formed in all places, should be strengthened and all the casual and contract workers are brought to the fold of BSNLCCWF. Serious, massive and active campaign should be organised for the purpose.





07 October, 2015:Start Organising BSNLCCWF units in all SSAs

The 3rd All India Conference of the BSNLCCWF has called upon the workers to organise units of the organisation in all the SSAs within a short period. The Circle Secretaries are requested to take the initiative. If all India leaders are required, Secretary General Com. Animesh Mitra or President Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri is to be contacted, who will arrange the same.


The Conference has declared ” 2016 – Year of the Casual and Contract Labour” with the target of settling the major issues in the year. Strong organisation is required for implementing the same. Massive campaign be organised as also meeting the M.P.s, MLAs etc. Wherever, labour laws are not implemented, this should be brought to the notice of the Labour Commissioner, EPF Commissioner etc. Seek the help of BSNLEU leaders and workers in all places.


Start work now! It is the future of the casual and contract workers! It is the future of BSNL!


06 October, 2015:Minimum Wage – VDA Revised from 01-10-2015.

Orders have been issued by the Chief Labour Commissioner on 30-09-2015, increasing the variable DA for contract workers with effect from 01-10-2015. CHQ BSNLCCWF is making efforts to get the orders forwarded by the BSNL Corporate Office.<<click here>>


05 October, 2015:Anti-Victimisation Convention at Thiruvananthapuram by BSNLEU, SNEA, BSNLCCWF.

The Anti-Victimisation Convention held at Thiruvananthapuram on 5th October 2015 by BSNLEU, SNEA and BSNLCCWF was massively attended with comrades coming from all parts of the state. The Bankmen’s Hall, where the convention was held was full and overflowing with comrades.


The Convention was presided by Com. George Verghese, Circle Secretary SNEA and Chairman of the Joint Action Committee. Com. K.Mohanan, Circle Secretary BSNLEU Kerala Circle and Convener of the JAC welcomed all the participants and the invitees. He narrated the developments consequent to the agitation by the Casual Contract workers and employees and the arrogant way the CGM dealt with the same and victimised the leaders of BSNLEU and SNEA, who fully supported the struggle. Coms. V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF, P.Abhimanyu, General Secretary, BSNLEU, Rajan, Treasurer, SNEA, P.V.Chandrasekharan, senior leader, Animesh Mitra, General Secretary, BSNLCCWF, Saibal Sen Gupta, N.R.Somasekharan Nair, Circle Secretary, CCLU,Treasurer, BSNLEU, Pratap Kumar Asst. General Secretary, BSNLEU, Vijayakumar, Org. Secretary, R.Muralidharan Nair, former AGS, BSNLEU, Muralidharan, Circle secretary, P.III Union, Bhagya Lakshmi, Convener, Mahila Committee and many other leaders addressed the convention.


All the speakers in strong words condemned the victimisation of 15 comrades, who were issued with charge sheet, suspended and also filed FIR against them. The Arrogant CGM MSS Rao, who is in the ‘Agreed List’ (list of persons against whom vigilance cases are there) is trying to disturb the services in the circle as also victimising the union workers. He was transferred, but by going to court he got stay and is clinging to his post in Thiruvananthapuram. The convention congratulated the workers for their sustained struggle and assured that all efforts would be made to ensure that the transfer of the concerned CGM is immediately got implemented.


The victimised workers and leaders were honoured by the house. All India leaders who were present assured that  the CGM will be transferred and victimisation will  be nullified.


05 October, 2015:BSNLCCWF calls for strengthening Organisation.

The Third all India Conference of the BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation (BSNLCCWF) held at Nagercoil on 3-4 October 2015 has called upon the workers to strengthen the organisation to enable it to continue its struggles for achievement of the long pending demands. Without a strong organisation, it is most difficult to compel the management to accede to our demands.


What is to be done?

While BSNLCCWF is very strong in a few circles, it is functioning well in many circles, there are still circles where either it is to be formed or is in the initial stage of forming. Workers are afraid of joining the association in some other places. the message of the union and our efforts for settling the issues also have not reached in some other places. Hence it is necessary that the first step is to ensure that each and every SSA in the country should have the units of the BSNLCCWF. All India and Circle leaders should identify these SSAs and start meeting the workers in these places for formation of BSNLCCWF. Branches should be formed, subscription should be collected, issues should be taken with the BSNL Management and regular functioning should start.


In this effort, maximum help is required from the regular workers and their organisations. BSNL Employees Union, who has taken initiative for forming BSNLCCWF, is fully in support and its General Secretary Com.P.Abhimanyu, is the Vice-President of BSNLCCWF. In  most of the circles the circle secretary of BSNLEU is the Circle president of BSNLCCWF. It should be in the same way in the SSAs also.


This process should start immediately. Within two months, by December 2015, we should be able to form the union in most of the places, it not every where. This is the first target and mission  the All India Conference has given to us. Let us fulfill it. The mission has to be completed.


04 October, 2015:BSNLCCWF Conference started at Nagercoil

The Third All India Conference of BSNL Casual Contract Workers Federation started at Nagercoil, T.Nadu on 3rd October and will continue till 4th October 2015. Before starting the session, a enthusiastic jatha(Procession) was held starting from the GM Office to the Conference hall at Sumanagali Kalyana Mandapam. With red banners, flags of the union with shouting of slogans, the jatha was watched by a large number of people. At the Conference site, the National Flag was hoisted by Com. VAN Namboodiri, President of BSNLCCWF and the red flag of the union by its Secretary General, Tapas Ghosh. All the comrades paid homage to the martyrs by putting flowers on the Martyrs column erected near the entrance.


The inaugural session was presided by Com. VAN Namboodiri, President of the Federation. A resolution paying homage to the martyrs was moved by the chair and comrades stood in silence for one minute. Com. A.V.Bellarmin,ex.MP and Chairman of the Reception Committee welcome all. All the guests and leaders were garlanded and honoured.


Com.VAN Namboodiri, in his presidential address called upon the workers to continue maximum efforts for better service. He explained the present position of the issues of the workers and stated the need for continuous struggle. Com.A.K.Padmanabhan, President, CITU, inaugurated the AIC. He touched upon the international and national issues. He spoke about WFTU and its role in the present situation. Issues of the workers were also touched. Coms. P.Abhimanau, GS BSNLEU, Mohan Doss, AIBDPA Vice-President, Animesh Mitra, and Com. Tapas Ghosh, Secretary General addressed the Conference. Com.C.Vinod, Secretary Reception Committee proposed vote of thanks. In the afternoon, the delegate session started presided by Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri. The session will continue tomorrow.<<view of the conference>> <<view of the rally>>


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We are yet to start our journal. We propose to start a triennial first to inform the workers about the organisation, its activities as also to publish various orders on the issues of the Casual and Contract and unorganised workers.





BSNLCCWF is taking up the issues of the casual and contract workers with the government, Chief Labour Commissioner, Communications Minister, DOT as also CMD BSNL and other officers of BSNL. These correspondences will be posted here.


05 October, 2015:Corporate Office letter to all CGMs on payment of minimum wages to contract workers through account payee cheque or online in the presence of authorized representatives of BSNL.<<click here>>


05 October, 2015:Corporate Office letter to CGM, Maharashtra Circle, on alleged non-implementation of notification on payment of wages.<<click here>>


05 October, 2015:Corporate Office letter on implementation of minimum wages and social security measures like EPF/ESI to contract labour.<<click here>>


05 October, 2015:Corporate Office called for details of contract labours from circles.<<click here>>


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