21 February, 2017:Management has formed a committee for Wage Revision of the casual labourers – DA order issued based on CDA pay scale w.e.f. 01.07.2016.

Corporate Office has taken a decision to continue the dearness allowance (DA) for the casual labours in CDA pay scale keeping in view to take a decision on the revision of wages of the casual labours. Earlier, the federation has taken up the issue with the CMD BSNL and urged upon the wages of the casual labourer should be revised based on the 7th Pay Commission recommendation. We have also requested to the Management that the wages of the casual labourers should come in the IDA pay scale to maintain uniformity. However, it is learnt that the Management has formed a departmental committee to take a right decision on wage revision for the casual labourers including TSM. Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President, BSNL CCWF, Com. Animesh Mitra, SG, BSNLCCWF, met smt. Madhu Arora, GM (Estt.) on 17th January, 2017, to discuss the same issue. GM (Estt.) replied that presently the casual labourers will continue to get the Dearness Allowance in the CDA in old pay scale. Now the order has issued and it will be w.e.f. 01.07.2016.<<click here>>


20 February, 2017:Gratuity for the casual labours –Corporate office issued another letter.

Gratuity issue has taken up by the Management with much importance as it was told by the GM (Estt.) to the BSNL CCWF leadership when they met her on 17th February, 2017. It was discussed that though the DoT has not cleared their hesitation but the Management is trying to take up the issue on priority basis particular for those candidates who had expired or retired after formation of BSNL. Based on the discussion the Management has issued one order to all circle office for sending the data and figure of such candidates to settle gratuity issues at BSNL Management level. We can also recall that the leadership of BSNLCCWF met Shri A.K. Nayak, Central Labour Commission on 26th October, 2016 and made the same request that gratuity issue should be considered on priority to those candidates who had already left BSNL. Hope, now the Management has taken up the issue with a speedy action.<<view letter>>


20 February, 2017:Delhi will observe a mammoth rally of the BSNL casual contract labourers on 22nd February, 2017.

Every preparation has completed to make the Parliament March programme a grand success. It has reviewed in the last Secretariat meeting of BSNL CCWF held on 17th February, at Dada Ghosh Bhawan, New Delhi. Delegates have started their journey to reach Delhi on 21st February itself. It is about 20 circles who have confirmed that the casual / contract labours has started their journey to Delhi. The Rally will start from CMD Office after submission of memorandum to CMD BSNL. No retrenchment of  contract labour, implementation of revised rates of Gazette Notification, Minimum Wage of Rs.18,000/-, EPF, ESI, Gratuity are the main issues on which the rally will start from CMD office and concluded at Jantar Mantar. The other Center Trade Union leaders will also address our gathering. Memorandum on the demand of Equal Pay to Equal Work and regularization of contract casual workers, gratuity etc., will be submitted to PMO (Prime Minister Office). Be ready to take part in the history of the working class movement in BSNL which will happen on 22nd February, 2017.


20 February, 2017:Circle Conference of BSNLCCWF in Uttarakhand- An impressive gathering of Contract Workers.

An impressive Circle Conference of BSNL Casual/ Contract Federation, Uttarakhand Circle held at Haridwar on 07th & 08th January, 2016. The Conference was inaugurated by Com. K.S.Saun, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU, Uttarakhand Circle. Though it was a winter season but the meeting and continued 6:30 hrs. evening in presence of 125 Contract Labours. The Casual/ Contract Labours came from district of Uttarakhand like Haridwar, Uttarakhand, Tehri, Nainital, Uttarakashi, Sringar, Almora etc. the delegates Discussed about the problems of Casual/ Contract Labours. Com. Animesh Mitra SG, BSNLCCWF who was the chief Guest of the meeting has deliberated his speech in full house of Casual / Contract Labours. He explained the Central Govt. role and the stands taken by the BSNL Management on the issue of contract labour. Com. Nitayanand Bahuguna has been re-elected as circle secretary of BSNLCCWF, Uttarakhand circle. A good number of Circle Office Bearers and District Secretary of BSNL Employees Union were present in the conference. They have inspired the Contract Workers for the future struggle.  <<views of the meeting>>


20 February, 2017:Accommodation arrangement for the delegates for March to Parliament Programme.<<click here>>


17 February, 2017:Secretariat Meeting held on 15th February, 2017 to review the preparation for March to Parliament- The Circle Secretaries and District Secretaries are requested to note the following points:-

The secretariat meeting of the BSNL Casual and Contract workers’ Federation was held on 15/02/2017 at BSNLEU Union Office, Dada Ghosh Bhawan, New Delhi. The meeting was presided by Com.V.A.N. Namboodiri, President,BSNLCCWF. Com. Animesh Mitra, Secretary General has reported to house about the preparation of the programme ‘March to Parliament to be held on 22/02/2017.  Then, Com. P. Abhimanyu, G.S. BSNLEU and V.P. BSNLCCWF suggested about the programme of March to Parliament. After discussion, the following decisions were be taken:-


All Circle Secretaries are requested to mobilize the members at Eastern Court, CTO building, Janpath Road, New Delhi. The rally will start at 10.00hrs sharp after inauguration of the programme. The rally will conclude at Jantar Mantar. Com. Tapan Sen, GS, CITU, Com. P. Abhimanyu,GS, BSNLEU, VAN Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF and Com. Animesh Mitra, Secretary General will address the rally.  Before the rally, the delegation team of the Federation will submit the memorandum to the CMD BSNL.


It is reported that about 2500 delegates will come from 20 circles to participate in this programme.   BSNLEU has also called upon to mobilize the members in and around Delhi to join the programme. All are requested to take necessary action to make the rally colourful with the flex boards, banner, festoon etc. CHQ has already published and sent two sets of the poster in Hindi /English for wide publicity. It is also reported that some circle unions have organized the district and circle level mobilization programme to popularize the demands among the casual –contract workers. 


CHQ has arranged accommodation for the delegates who will come on 21st, February,2017 in Delhi. We have booked Ambedkar Bhawan, Kali Bari, Hindu Maha Sabha, Garwal Bhawan, Chug Dharmashala, Rajendra Place Hall, Birla Mandir etc. in which we will be able to accommodate 1000 workers for staying at Delhi for the 21st February 17 only. If somebody wants to stay on 22nd Feb 2017, please inform the CHQ for taking further arrangement. CHQ, will provide the lunch packets on 22nd after the rally is over. Circle Secretary will be intimated for the allotment of the stations for accommodation will intimated through SMS with proper address on 20th February, 2017.


The issue of expenditure and collection from the members was also discussed in the meeting. It is estimated an amount of Rs.5 lakh for expenditure of the programme, while Circle Secretaries have committed to give only 2 lakhs donation. CHQ has distributed some coupons for donation collection from the members. So, Secretariat meeting called upon the circle unions to take serious efforts to collect a good amount of money to meet up the expenditure.


17 February, 2017:Meeting with GM(Estt.) on Casual Labour issues.

Leaders of BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF met Smt. Madhu Arora, GM(Estt.), BSNL Corporate Office on 16th February 2017 and discussed the various issues of the casual labours.


  1. Regularisation – The unions demanded that a scheme be formulated for the regularisation of the casual labour as suggested by the unions.
  2. The casual labour be paid the minimum pay of the CDA pay i.e., Rs.18,000/-. GM told that a Committee has been formed and that its report is being studied. The union stated that there should not be any delay in the matter.
  3. DA to Casual labour – Orders have been issued. But the union representatives wanted that a direction be issued to the order stating that this is applicable to casual labour also, as some of the circles are not implementing. It was agreed by the GM.


Coms. V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF, Balbir Singh, President BSNLEU, Animesh Mitra, SG, BSNLCCWF, Swapan Chakraborty, Dy. GS BSNLEU and Tapas Ghosh, Working President, BSNLCCWF participated in the discussions.


17 February, 2017:Wages of contract workers as per Gazette Notification.

Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF, discussed the issue of implementation of the Minimum Wages to the contract workers as per the Gazette Notification of January 2017 with Shri Ashuthosh Gupta, GM (Restructuring) BSNL Corporate Office. He assured that necessary orders may be issued by next week based on the Gazette Notification increasing the wages of the contract workers. The file is being put to the management for the same.


16 February, 2017:An impressive meeting of BSNL Casual Contract workers held at Chandigarh.

A very impressive meeting of BSNL Casual Contract workers was held at Chandigarh on February 12, 2017. More than 150 workers attended the meeting from across the Punjab. Com. V.A.N Namboodiri President CCWF addressed the meeting and explained the demands of casual contract workers and about the March to Parliament being organised on February, 22,2017. Com. Balbir Singh President BSNLEU also addressed the meeting and extended full Support to the CCWF. He told that large number of BSNLEU members will also participate in the Parliament March. Com. Baljinder Singh, Circle Secretary BSNL Casual contract workers Federation addressed the meeting and told preparations are in full swing for joining the Parliament March and a large number of workers will take part in the March. Com.  H.S Dhillon DS BSNLEU Chandigarh also addressed the meeting.<<views of the meeting>>


16 February, 2017:Parliament March by BSNL Casual Contract Workers on 22nd February 2017.

Massive preparation is going on for the programme of March to Parliament to be held on 22nd February 2017. It is reported that about 5,000 casual and contract workers will participate coming from 20 circles in this programme. BSNLEU has extended full support to the March and their members will also participate along with BSNL casual and contract workers. State level Conventions, Rallies, March to CGMT office, Labour Commissioner etc. are being organised in preparation of the Parliament March. Good response is being received from the casual contract workers for donation collection to meet the expenditure of the March.


BSNLCCWF has arranged accommodation at Garhwal Bhawan, Kali Bari and Ambedkar Bhawan for the outstation participants for 21st February only. The March will start at 10.00 AM from Eastern Court after submission of Memorandum to CMD BSNL and will march to Parliament Street / Jantar Mantar. Com. Tapan Sen M.P., General Secretary CITU, P. Abhimanyu, General Secretary, BSNLEU, Animesh Mitra, Secretary General BSNLCCWF will address and Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri President BSNLCCWF will preside.


Please join the March en masse with the Union Red Flag, festoons, Banners etc. with the demands.
Centre has printed and circulated posters in Hindi and English for wide campaign amongst the members.
Make the Parliament March a big success


Animesh Mitra,

Secretary General BSNLCCWF



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BSNLCCWF is taking up the issues of the casual and contract workers with the government, Chief Labour Commissioner, Communications Minister, DOT as also CMD BSNL and other officers of BSNL. These correspondences will be posted here.


16 February, 2017:CHQ letter to GM (Restg.) on revision of the minimum rate of wages to the contract workers as per the Gazette Notification, MoLE, GoI, issued on 19/01/2017.<<view letter>> <<view Gazette Notification>>


16 February, 2017:CHQ letter to GM (Restg.) on non- payment of the wages to the contract workers since January, 2016  in UP(East).<<view letter>>  


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