Press Release

BSNLCCWF Circular dated 20TH November 2012

20thNovember 2012

CEC Meeting of Casual and Contract Workers Federation at Hazaribag

Dear Comrades,
The Central Executive Committee meeting of BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation held at Hazaribag, Jharkhand on 3-4 November 2012, has decided to go on agitational programmes to achieve the important demands of the workers. It has also decided to participate in the two days strike sponsored by the 11 Central Trade Unions including CITU, AITUC, INTUC, BMS, HMS etc.

The Inaugural Session started at 1100 hours on 3rd November, in the Jain Dharmasala in Hazaribag. Com. NareshLal, Circle secretary, BSNLEU, Jharkhand presided. A large number of workers including regular employees participated. Com. B.Narayan, Reception Committee Chairman and also All India Vice-President of BSNLEU welcomed all the participants. Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, All India President BSNLEU & BSNLCCWF inaugurated the CEC. In his speech he strongly opposed the anti-worker, anti-people policies of the government causing more and more miseries on the people and workers. The neo-liberal policy which benefits the rich and is completely against the interests of the poor has to be opposed and defeated. The UPA-II government has become completely corrupt. BSNLEU and other unions are making all efforts to make BSNL financially viable and also to provide better service to the people. The trade union movement in the country has called upon the workers to unitedly fight against the neo-liberal policies of the government resulting in spiralling price hike, high level corruption, anti-worker policies etc. We should join the agitational programme chalked out by the Central trade unions, including in the strike on 20-21 February 2013. He also called upon the entire workers in BSNL to give support and solidarity for achieving the just demands of the more than one lakh casual and contract workers. Com. Sudama Pal, Circle secretary BSNLCCWF, Jharkhand and Secretary Reception Committee, proposed vote of thanks.

The CEC meeting was presided by Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, All India President BSNLCCWF. Com. Tapas Ghosh, Secretary General, BSNLCCWF, welcomed all. He presented the Report on Activities since the last AIC at Lucknow till now. He also spoke on the various issues of the workers and the cases taken with the management and also in the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour. Com. Tapos Banerjee, treasurer presented the Accounts. Both were adopted unanimously after discussion. Coms.AnimeshMitra, Dy. General Secretary, BSNLEU & Vice-President BSNLCCWF, K.R.Yadav, All India Vice-President of both BSNLEU & BSNLCCWF, NareshLal, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU, Jharkhand and other leaders greeted the CEC meeting and explained the various demands of the Casual and Contract workers and called upon the workers to strengthen the organisation.

Serious discussion took place with regard to organisational matters as also on the demands of the casual and contract workers. Coms.SahdevBiswal, Circle Secretary, BSNLCCWF, Odisha Circle, Sudama Pal, Circle secretary Jharkhand, S.P.Tiwari, Circle Secretary, UP(E) circle, M.L.Patel, President, M.P.Circle, Santhosh Kumar, AGS, Om Prakash, Circle Secretary, Chhattisgarh, Akhilesh Banerjee, Circle Secretary, W.Bengal, SankarMalakha, Circle Secretary, NE-I, Darshan Singh, Circle Secretary, Punjab, VikasBarua, Circle Secretary, Assam, Manoj Patel, DS, Dhanbad, Santhosh Kumar Puri, DS, Hazaribag, Birbal Prasad and other participants addressed the house and explained the conditions in their circles/districts.

After detailed discussion, the following decisions were taken by the CEC:

  1. On the main demands of the casual- contract workers a memorandum will be prepared and the same will be submitted at district/SSA levels on 12th December 2012 to all GMs and District Labour Commissioner/Regional Labour Commissioner/Asst.Labour Commissioner organising March with maximum participation.
  2. A March to CGM, BSNL in each circle will be organised in January 2013 on the above demands, the date for which will be decided by the concerned Circle Union. A detailed Memorandum will be submitted to the CGM.
  3. The BSNL CCWF called upon all the casual and contract workers to participate in the 2days strike on 20-21 February 2012, called by the Central trade Unions against price-rise, against disinvestment of PSUs, on issues of contract workers etc.
  4. The invitation for holding the next CEC meeting by Circle Secretary, Odisha circle was accepted with thanks by the CEC. It is to be held by May 2013.
  5. Regular subscription should be collected from members and quota remitted to the Circle and CHQ regularly.
  6. The CHQ BSNLCCWF will publish a pamphlet both in Hindi and English for wide circulation.
  7. It was decided to start a website for the BSNLCCWF.

Open Session

In continuation of the CEC meeting at Hazaribag, a massively attended open session was held on 4th November 2012. More than 400 comrades participated from all parts of Jharkhand, but mainly from the Dhanbad, Hazaribag area. The comrades have come even from about 200 kms away. The Open session was held in the conference hall of the Jain Dharmasala.

Com. NareshLal Circle Secretary, BSNLEU presided over the function. Com. Santhosh Kumar Puri welcomed the gathering. Com. K.R.Yadav, All India Vice-President, Santhosh Kumar, AGS, CCWF, Sudershan Singh DS BSNLEU Dhanbad, Ambika Prasad, DS Hazaribagh, A.K.Sharama, DS Ranchi, Krishna Singh ADS Jamshedpur,SinghYadav, DS BSNLCCWF Ranchi, Sharma, DS, Daltonganj, BholaMandal, DS, CCWF Hazaribagh, Munnaprasad, ADS, Ranchi and other leaders spoke.

Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, President BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF in his speech spoke about the main demands of the casual and contract workers and the efforts and agitations organised to achieve the same. He assured the house that the CHQ will untirely work for the settlement of the demands. He also briefed the house about the deliberations and the decisions taken yesterday.

The Open Session ended at about 1500 hours amidst shouting of slogans on the demands and the working class unity.

The CEC at Hazaribagh was one more advance step in the march of the BSNLCCWF. We thank the Reception Committee and the comrades of Jharkhand and Hazaribag, who made all arrangements including accommodation, food etc. for holding the CEC.


One Day Strike on 16th November protesting against murder of District Secretary Ghaziabad(UP)

You must be aware of the brutal murder of Com.Sukenderpal Singh, District Secretary, BSNLEU, Ghaziabad (UP West)0n 22nd October by Adesh Kumar, GM, Ghaziabad and his associates in the GM Office. Com.Sukenderpal was continuously exposing the corruption of the GM and hence the attack on him. BSNLEU and United Forum of BSNL Unions have demanded immediate arrest and suspension of the GM and other culprits, but neither he has been arrested or suspended. The employees in UP West Circle went on one day strike in protest. A march to the office of the Sr. Supt. of Police, Ghaziabad was organised which was participated by about 1500 comrades who sat on dharna for more than two hours completely blocking the office. CMD BSNL also did not suspend or repatriate him to DOT as demanded.

Now BSNL Employees Union has called for a one day strike on 16th November demanding arrest and suspension of the GM. In consultation with our leaders, it has been decided by the BSNLCCWF to call upon all our workers to join the strike on 16th November. Make all preparations for making the strike a complete success.